Greg Abbott Reports $29.98 Million Cash on Hand for Campaign

Greg Abbott Reports $29.98 Million Cash on Hand for Campaign

AUSTIN – Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott finished the most recent fundraising period with $29.98 million cash on hand. In the most recent fundraising report from January 24 – February 22, Abbott reported raising over $2.45 million.

Abbott continued to display his strong showing of support among Texans, with 98% of donations from the latest report coming from Texas. As with previous reports, and in the interest of transparency, the campaign itemized every contribution received.

Texans for Greg Abbott Campaign Manager Wayne Hamilton offered the following statement in response to the overwhelming support:

“Texans from across the state are joining Greg Abbott in building a strong campaign and a brighter future for Texas. As the campaign progresses, Greg Abbott will continue to travel the state, speaking with and hearing from Texans who share his goal to improve Texas’ education system, grow jobs, and strengthen individual freedom.”



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