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ABC of Texas PAC Endorses Greg Abbott for Governor


AUSTIN – The Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas PAC (ABC PAC) today announced its endorsement of Greg Abbott for governor. The endorsement took place at an event in Houston, and remarks were delivered by Jon Fisher, ABC of Texas PAC President and Brandon Mabile, ABC Greater Houston PAC Chairman.

Fisher spoke on behalf of the statewide organization saying, “Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas was excited when Greg Abbott announced for governor. We believe it takes good people like Greg Abbott in public service to make our government serve the people. As Attorney General, Greg Abbott has consistently fought for our rights as a state and supported individual liberties, including the right to join or not join a union. ABC of Texas proudly and enthusiastically endorses Greg Abbott for governor of Texas through ABC PAC.”

Mabile spoke of Greg Abbott’s record and candidacy adding, “He has proven time and time again that he stands for free enterprise and that he stands for Texas and its people. General Abbott is a candidate who will continue to work hard for Texas and maintain a healthy business climate, which will help our communities grow and prosper.”

In response to the endorsement, General Abbott released the following statement:

“It’s an honor to receive the endorsement from the ABC PAC of Texas—an organization comprised of men and women who are some of the leading job creators in Texas. The opportunity that ABC provides to its members is the same opportunity I will provide as governor to all hard-working Texans by sustaining a business-friendly environment and allowing workers keep more of what they make. Working alongside the Associated Builders and Contractors, I will protect and strengthen the values that have made Texas the nation’s leader in job creation.”