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Our freedoms are under attack, and Texans have a chance to do what they’ve always done: fight back.

We must change the course our country is on by electing leaders who are dedicated to protecting our personal liberties and freedoms—leaders like Greg Abbott.

Will you contribute today to support Greg Abbott’s campaign?

Greg Abbott is a proven protector of the values so many of us hold dear. I know he will lead Texas in the right direction.

You’re no doubt familiar with “Chuck Norris Facts.” For example, did you know that ghosts sit around campfires telling Chuck Norris stories?

Now, I want to introduce you to a Greg Abbott Fact: Greg Abbott is Texas’ best hope to fight the out-of-state attacks that aim to turn Texas blue.

These attacks are no laughing matter. They’re well-funded and well-organized. And that’s why your help is so important.

Contribute today to help Greg Abbott keep Texans’ freedoms protected.


Chuck Norris