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AUSTIN — Governor Greg Abbott yesterday bolstered support for Don McLaughlin for House District 80 and Alan Schoolcraft for House District 44 at campaign stops in Pleasanton and Cibolo, respectively.

In Pleasanton, Governor Abbott touted Don McLaughlin’s record as Mayor of Uvalde and highlighted Don as the clear conservative choice Texans in House District 80 need representing them in Austin. The Governor championed McLaughlin as a proven fighter, who will work tirelessly to secure the border, expand school choice across Texas, and strengthen the mighty Texas economy.

“What Texans in House District 80 need is a Representative that reflects their values, and that person is Don McLaughlin,” said Governor Abbott. “Don will help me empower parents to choose the best education pathway for their children. There is nothing more essential than to send Don to work with me in Austin to ensure we bring a school choice bill across the finish line. Working together, we will fight for the values that keep Texas the land of freedom and opportunity.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Cibolo, where he lauded Alan Schoolcraft as a proven conservative champion. The Governor touted Alan’s strong conservative record during his time in the Texas House of Representatives and urged Texans to send him back to Austin to secure the southern border, further cut property taxes, and empower parents by expanding school choice for all Texas parents.

“I’m proud to be in Cibolo today to let you know—and let everyone know—that I support Alan Schoolcraft for House District 44,” said Governor Abbott. “I need conservative champions that will fight for your values and who will partner with me to ensure that every parent has the God-given right to be in charge of the education of their child. The issue of school choice is extraordinarily popular within House District 44, with a majority of Republican primary voters supporting it. When you send Alan to Austin, we will ensure we pass school choice and deliver on the promise of a better, high-quality education for all Texas children.”

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