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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday encouraged Texans to support Mike Olcott for House District 60, Representative David Spiller for House District 68, and Representative Lynn Stucky for House District 64 during campaign stops in Mineral Wells, Jacksboro, and Decatur, respectively.

In Mineral Wells, Governor Abbott highlighted Mike Olcott as the true conservative in the race for House District 60, noting Olcott’s commitment to help pass school choice for all Texas families and eliminate the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test.

“Over the last year, Glenn Rogers has voted alongside Democrats,” said Governor Abbott. “In hindsight, it’s clear that I made a mistake when I endorsed Glenn Rogers. When you make a mistake, it’s one thing to admit it and another to step up and correct that mistake. I’m here today to correct that mistake and support Mike Olcott to be the next State Representative for House District 60.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Jacksboro where he touted Representative Spiller as a strong partner in the Texas House, pointing to Representative Spiller’s important role to help pass sweeping border security legislation to keep Texas communities safe from President Biden’s open border policies.

“The number one issue in America clearly is the broken border caused by Joe Biden, and no one stepped up more in the Texas House than your very own David Spiller,” said Governor Abbott. “Working with David Spiller, Texas is responding more robustly than any state has in the history of the United States of America to secure the border. This is a time to be engaged, energized, and enthused to make sure that we will be sending David Spiller back to Austin.”

In the evening, Governor Abbott joined Representative Stucky in Decatur for a fireside chat to discuss issues important to House District 64. During the campaign stop, the Governor championed the Representative’s steadfast leadership to ensure conservative priorities important to Texans in House District 64 made it across the finish line.

“Representative Lynn Stucky shows up to work at the Texas Capitol every day to be a voice for his constituents,” said Governor Abbott. “If you want someone who has the conservative values that you have and works to pass legislation you want, please join me in supporting Representative Lynn Stucky for re-election to House District 64.”

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