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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today boosted support for Hillary Hickland for House District 55, Helen Kerwin for House District 58, and Liz Case for House District 71 at Get Out The Vote events in Killeen, Burleson, and Abilene, respectively.

Starting the day off in Killeen, Governor Abbott highlighted Hillary Hickland’s dedication to fight for conservative values for Texans in House District 55.

“Your current State Representative, Hugh Shine, is voting alongside Democrats after running as a Republican, and that is unacceptable,” said Governor Abbott. “I do not trust your current State Representative to support me to secure the border and fight back against the radical woke agenda. Working with Hillary, we will ensure that we continue to support you and fight back against Joe Biden’s border crisis and the woke leftist agenda trying to invade our great state. Go cast your vote for Hillary Hickland, and together we will ensure a safer and brighter future for Texas.”

The Governor then traveled to Burleson to bolster support for Helen Kerwin in House District 58. Governor Abbott outlined how Helen will work with him on day one to support their shared conservative priorities in the Texas House of Representatives.

“As Governor, I need partners I can trust in the Texas Legislature to provide the crucial resources, ideas, and strategies that help keep Texas the land of freedom and opportunity,” said Governor Abbott. “Representative DeWayne Burns voted with Democrats to increase property taxes, reduce criminal penalties for dangerous criminals, and against our Second Amendment rights. You need someone who is going to fight for the values of House District 58, lower your property taxes, protect your Second Amendment rights, and impose stiffer criminal penalties to keep our streets safe. You need to vote for Helen Kerwin to be your next State Representative for House District 58.”

Governor Abbott wrapped up the day in Abilene, where he joined Liz Case to encourage Texans in House District 71 to get out and vote for her as their next State Representative.

“Representative Stan Lambert went to Austin and voted with Democrats more than 450 times,” said Governor Abbott. “He doesn’t go to Austin to vote with Republicans and for conservative values, but Liz Case will. Stan Lambert said he would not support school choice, but I know that Liz Case will back me and ensure we pass a school choice bill in the next legislative session. We’re nearing the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, and I need reinforcements like Liz Case working with me to secure our border, empower parents, and cut your property taxes.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Hillary Hickland, Helen Kerwin, and Liz Case.