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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday called on Texans to support Alan Schoolcraft for House District 44 during a volunteer kickoff event in New Braunfels. Following the kickoff, Governor Abbott went door-to-door with volunteers in the neighborhood. While knocking on doors, countless Texans stepped out of their homes or stopped their cars to meet Governor Abbott, where he urged them to bank their vote for Alan Schoolcraft during the May runoff election.

“From the Red River to the Rio Grande, there’s been no place I have been where more people have come up to me and mentioned that Alan Schoolcraft knocked on their door,” said Governor Abbott. “I know Alan Schoolcraft will fight with me to ensure we crack down on crime to help keep our streets safe and secure the Texas-Mexico border. There’s nothing more important in a runoff race than knocking on doors, getting the message out, and making sure Alan Schoolcraft supporters go out and vote this May.”

Speaking to supporters and volunteers at the kickoff event, Governor Abbott highlighted Alan Schoolcraft as the conservative leader Texans in House District 44 need representing them in Austin. The Governor praised his commitment to advancing policies that will expand school choice, strengthen Texas’ border security measures, and put Texans on a pathway to eliminating property taxes.

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement.