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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday called on Texans to vote for Representative Stephanie Klick for re-election to House District 91, Representative Lynn Stucky for re-election to House District 64, and Craig Goldman for Congressional District 12 at Get Out The Vote events in Haltom City, Denton, and Fort Worth, respectively. The Governor also reminded Texans that early voting started yesterday and goes through Friday, May 24.

Kicking the day off in Haltom City, Governor Abbott highlighted Representative Klick’s dedication to upholding conservative values in the Texas House, pointing to legislation she helped pass to bolster Texas’ border security efforts and lower property taxes for all Texans.

“Representative Stephanie Klick has been a conservative champion for you, Texans in House District 91, and the entire state,” said Governor Abbott. “I need all Texans in House District 91 to lock in their vote for Representative Stephanie Klick. I cannot emphasize the key role Representative Klick has played in passing border security measures, lowering your property taxes, and protecting the integrity of women’s sports. That’s why I strongly support, endorse, and back Representative Stephanie Klick for re-election.”

The Governor then traveled to Denton to stump for Representative Lynn Stucky. Governor Abbott reminded Texans that Representative Stucky is the true conservative champion in the race for House District 64 they need representing them and urged them to send him back to Austin.

“This election is about the future of all Texas families,” said Governor Abbott. “I want to help everyone understand how valuable Representative Lynn Stucky is to that future. He has helped fight back against the radical leftists that are trying to impose their woke agenda in our schools. He is fighting side-by-side with me to ensure that parents have the God-given right to choose the best school for their children. I know Representative Lynn Stucky will continue to fight for your values and for the future of our great state.”

Finishing the day in Fort Worth, Governor Abbott boosted support for Craig Goldman’s campaign for Congress, touting his conservative record during his time as a State Representative.

“This election is extraordinarily important,” said Governor Abbott. “Texas needs reliable people who can go to our nation’s capital and pass legislation that will help our state flourish. Craig Goldman is the man for the job. We have worked closely together on pivotal issues. I know that he will fight for Texans in Congressional District 12 and for the values that make Texas the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I urge everyone to elect Craig Goldman to the U.S. Congress.”

Early voting started yesterday and goes through Friday, May 24. Find your early voting location here.

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement for Representative Stephanie Klick, Representative Lynn Stucky, and Craig Goldman.