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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday joined Stormy Bradley, Marc LaHood, and Representative Ellen Troxclair for campaign stops in San Angelo, San Antonio, and Boerne, respectively, to urge Texans to support them in their bids for election to the Texas House of Representatives.

In San Angelo, Governor Abbott lauded Stormy Bradley as the strong conservative in the race for House District 72, touting her dedication to empowering every parent with the right to choose the best education pathway for their child and to keeping property taxes low for Texans.

“Stormy Bradley is in tune with the values and principles of Texans in House District 72,” said Governor Abbott. “Stormy will help ensure that every family has the God-given right to choose the best schools for their kids and fight against the radical wokeism that is being fed to them in our classrooms. I need a partner in Austin who is going to have my back and vote for the values of their community. That person is Stormy Bradley, and we are going to form a conservative bulwark to protect the freedom and opportunities that are found only in Texas.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to San Antonio where he praised Marc LaHood for his commitment to strengthening Texas’ border security operations in President Biden’s absence, keeping property taxes low for every Texan, and ensuring every parent can choose the best school for their child. The Governor encouraged Texans in House District 121 to unite behind him as their next State Representative.

“Every Texan in House District 121 deserves a leader who will vote for their values,” said Governor Abbott. “A majority of voters in this House District support every parent’s right to choose the best school for their child. If you elect Marc LaHood, he will go to Austin and fight to keep indoctrination out of our classrooms and empower every parent with the ability to choose the best school for their children. While President Biden eliminated strong immigration policies, Marc will vote in favor of legislation to strengthen Texas’ border security. Each of you have the power to make a difference, and if you want your conservative values protected, go out and vote for Marc LaHood.”

Later in the evening, Governor Abbott traveled to Boerne and joined Representative Troxclair to highlight her critical role in securing the border and delivering the lowest property tax cut in Texas history. The Governor also praised her dedication to fighting for conservative values this past legislative session as the State Representative for House District 19.

“Texans in House District 19 did the right thing by electing Ellen Troxclair last election,” said Governor Abbott. “Ellen has worked tirelessly to bring laws to my desk to protect women’s sports, expand parental rights concerning their child’s education, and lower property taxes. I need you to send Ellen to Austin again so she can help me secure the border, expand the Texas economy, and keep Texas the greatest state in the nation.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Stormy Bradley, Marc LaHood, and Representative Troxclair.