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Governor Greg Abbott today congratulated 54 incumbent conservative members of the Texas House on their 2024 re-election primary victories.

“Congratulations to each of these conservative Texas House members on their hard-fought re-election primary victories,” said Governor Abbott. “More importantly, thank you to voters across Texas who participated in this critical election to ensure these conservative leaders can return to Austin. Together, we will keep our state the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Governor Abbott endorsed 54 incumbent conservative Texas House Republicans who won their respective primaries: 

Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. (House District 3)

Representative Cole Hefner (House District 5)

Representative Cody Harris (House District 8)

Representative Trent Ashby (House District 9)

Representative Brian Harrison (House District 10)

Representative Angelia Orr (House District 13)

Representative Steve Toth (House District 15)

Representative Will Metcalf (House District 16)

Representative Stan Gerdes (House District 17)

Representative Ellen Troxclair (House District 19)

Representative Terry Wilson (House District 20)

Representative Terri Leo-Wilson (House District 23)

Representative Greg Bonnen (House District 24)

Representative Cody Vasut (House District 25)

Representative Gary Gates (House District 28)

Representative Ryan Guillen (House District 31)

Representative Todd Hunter (House District 32)

Representative Janie Lopez (House District 37)

Representative J.M. Lozano (House District 43)

Representative Caroline Harris Davila (House District 52)

Representative Brad Buckley (House District 54)

Representative Richard Hayes (House District 57)

Representative Shelby Slawson (House District 59)

Representative Ben Bumgarner (House District 63)

Representative Matt Shaheen (House District 66)

Representative Jeff Leach (House District 67)

Representative David Spiller (House District 68)

Representative James Frank (House District 69)

Representative Carrie Isaac (House District 73)

Representative Brooks Landgraf (House District 81)

Representative Tom Craddick (House District 82)

Representative Dustin Burrows (House District 83)

Representative Carl Tepper (House District 84)

Representative Stan Kitzman (House District 85)

Representative John Smithee (House District 86)

Representative Candy Noble (House District 89)

Representative Nate Schatzline (House District 93)

Representative Tony Tinderholt (House District 94)

Representative David Cook (House District 96)

Representative Giovanni Capriglione (House District 98)

Representative Jared Patterson (House District 106)

Representative Morgan Meyer (House District 108)

Representative Angie Chen Button (House District 112)

Representative John Lujan (House District 118)

Representative Mark Dorazio (House District 122)

Representative Sam Harless (House District 126)

Representative Charles Cunningham (House District 127)

Representative Briscoe Cain (House District 128)

Representative Dennis Paul (House District 129)

Representative Tom Oliverson (House District 130)

Representative Mike Schofield (House District 132)

Representative Mano DeAyala (House District 133)

Representative Lacey Hull (House District 138)

Representative Valoree Swanson (House District 150)