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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today urged Texans to vote for Alan Schoolcraft for House District 44, Jeff Bauknight for House District 30, and Representative Jacey Jetton for re-election to House District 26 at Get Out The Vote events in Seguin, Victoria, and Katy, respectively.

Kicking off the day in Seguin, Governor Abbott outlined how Alan Schoolcraft is the ideal conservative voice for Texans in House District 44.

“There are many people who are trying to undermine the conservative values of our great state, and your current State Representative has been voting with Democrats against your values,” said Governor Abbott. “Working with Alan, we will not let that happen. He will work with me to secure the God-given right for parents to choose the school that’s best for their child. Please take just a few minutes to go to a polling location and bank your vote for Alan Schoolcraft today.”

The Governor then traveled to Victoria to bolster support for Jeff Bauknight in House District 30. Governor Abbott highlighted Jeff’s record as a conservative warrior, pointing to Jeff’s successful tenure as Mayor of Victoria.

“Things are a lot different in Austin than they are in Victoria—and you don’t need Austin values representing you at the State Capitol,” said Governor Abbott. “Jeff Bauknight will represent the conservative values of Texans in Victoria when he comes to work with me in Austin. If you want someone who will have my back and yours, please get out and vote for Jeff Bauknight to be your next State Representative.”

Wrapping up the day in Katy, Governor Abbott emphasized the importance of Texans re-electing Representative Jetton to continue delivering major conservative victories for House District 26.

“This is such a pivotal time for everybody here—your future is quite literally on the line,” said Governor Abbott. “Jacey and I have worked closely together to secure major victories for Texas, including helping you to better afford your home, rent, and mortgage by slashing property taxes. Representative Jacey Jetton deserves to be re-elected because he works hard for Texans in House District 26. If you haven’t already, please go vote for Jacey Jetton.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Alan Schoolcraft, Jeff Bauknight, and Representative Jetton.