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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday mobilized Texans to vote for Representative Ben Bumgarner for re-election to House District 63, Representative Lynn Stucky for re-election to House District 64, Representative Kronda Thimesch for re-election to House District 65, Chris Spencer for election to House District 1, and Janis Holt for election to House District 18 at Get Out The Vote events in Bartonville, Texarkana, and Cleveland, respectively.

Addressing a packed crowd in Bartonville, Governor Abbott joined Representatives Bumgarner, Stucky, and Thimesch to tout their strong record in securing the border, lowering property taxes, and empowering Texas parents.

“These State Representatives are fighting for you, your families, and your values, and I need Texans in Denton County to send them back to the Texas House,” said Governor Abbott. “We are working to elect Republicans that will go into the next legislative session to pass a bill that will guarantee the right of every parent to choose the best education for their child. Working together with these proven conservative fighters, we will deliver long-lasting education reform that will provide the best education for countless generations to come.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Texarkana to stump for House District 1’s conservative champion Chris Spencer. During remarks, the Governor highlighted Chris’ dedication to East Texas values that help keep Texas the beacon of liberty, prosperity, and opportunity.

“I’m in Texarkana today to ensure that you’re going to have somebody representing you in Austin who truly connects with the values of East Texas, and that is Chris Spencer,” said Governor Abbott. “Unlike your current State Representative who worked with Democrats to block critical conservative priorities like education freedom, Chris will work with me on day one to ensure that we expand school choice. I also need a partner I can count on who will fight side-by-side with me to secure the border. I need you to send Chris Spencer to work in Austin as your next State Representative so we can fight back against President Biden’s dangerous open border policies to keep Texans—and Americans—safe.”

Governor Abbott completed the day in Cleveland with Janis Holt to support her as the next State Representative for House District 18. The Governor praised her dedication to securing the border, protecting taxpayers, and empowering Texas parents.

“I need dependable partners in Austin who will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with me against Bidenomics,” said Governor Abbott. “Last year, I put together a comprehensive education package that granted Texas parents their God-given right to choose the education that best fit their child needs. Your current State Representative voted against it. I need Janis Holt to work with me in the next legislative session to ensure we pass that comprehensive education package and finally deliver school choice for all Texas parents.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Representative Ben Bumgarner, Representative Lynn Stucky, Representative Kronda Thimesch, Chris Spencer, and Janis Holt.