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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today called on Texans to support Trey Warton for House District 12 and Joanne Shofner for House District 11 during campaign stops in Brenham and Nacogdoches, respectively.

Governor Abbott started the day in Brenham to promote Trey Wharton as the true Republican fighter Texans across House District 12 need representing them in Austin. The Governor mentioned that Trey will be a critical ally in the Texas House to ensure the Texas economic miracle continues to flourish for generations to come.

“Trey Wharton is a conservative warrior who will fight for the values and principles of Washington County,” said Governor Abbott. “He’s a businessman who will work with me to keep the Texas economy the best in the nation. Had Trey been in the Texas Legislature this past December, he would’ve fought for every parent’s right to choose the best education pathway for their child.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Nacogdoches to campaign for Joanne Shofner, where he championed her record as a small business owner and as the kind of new conservative voice Texans in House District 11 needs representing them in Austin.

“I am here today because I know Joanne Shofner represents the values of East Texas, and I want to make it clear to everyone in East Texas that I endorse her for House District 11,” said Governor Abbott. “I have dependable partners in Austin who have my back, but I need reinforcements in the Texas Legislature. I need Joanne in the Texas House to help me fight against radical woke ideologies in our schools and to expand school choice for all Texas families.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Trey Wharton and Joanne Shofner.