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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday campaigned for Representative Stephanie Klick for re-election to House District 91 and Representative Giovanni Capriglione for re-election to House District 98, Trey Wharton for election to House District 12, and Alex Kamkar for election to House District 29 at Get Out the Vote events in North Richland Hills, Huntsville, and Pearland, respectively.

In North Richland Hills, Governor Abbott praised Representative Klick and Representative Capriglione for their commitment to strengthening the Texas economy, securing the border, and ensuring parents can choose the best school for their children. The Governor encouraged Texans in House District 91 and House District 98 to send them back to the Texas House of Representatives.

“This past session, I could not have delivered the largest property tax cut in Texas history and historic border security measures without the support of Representatives Klick and Capriglione,” said Governor Abbott. “I want each of you to know that these Representatives are going to fight for every parent in Austin to ensure that our schools do better and that we pass a comprehensive education package that not only improves our schools, but empowers parents. I need all of you here today to go out and vote for these State Representatives to ensure that we can continue to safeguard the future of Texas.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Huntsville and championed Trey Wharton as the next conservative leader Texans in House District 12 need representing them and fighting for their values in the Texas House.

“As Governor, I need partners in the Texas House of Representatives who will work with me to secure the border, empower parents, and fight for conservative values,” said Governor Abbott. “Trey Wharton will represent the values of Huntsville in Austin, which is what each of you deserves. I need all of you to leave here and vote for Trey Wharton as your next State Representative so we can ensure that Texas remains a stronghold for conservative values.”

Governor Abbott completed the day in Pearland where he highlighted Alex Kamkar’s dedication to conservative values and urged Texans in House District 29 to get out and vote for him as their next State Representative.

“If you send Alex to Austin, he will work with me to secure conservative victories in the Texas House,” said Governor Abbott. “Each of you has the chance to have a State Representative that fights for school choice and strengthening our border security. The way that we’re able to get things done is by having strong partnerships in the Texas Legislature, and I need each of you to vote for Alex Kamkar so Texas can continue to lead the way.”

Read the Governor’s endorsements statements for Representative Klick, Representative Capriglione, Trey Wharton, and Alex Kamkar.