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Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated Texas’ conservative values that make our state a national leader and contrasted Texas’ success with Democrat-led states during a keynote address at the Young Republican National Convention (YRNC) in Dallas. The Governor also noted how the future of the Republican Party is promising with young conservative voices building a bright, prosperous vision for the Texas of tomorrow.

“A political party that started with Abraham Lincoln is now in your hands, and what you do will shape it for generations to come,” said Governor Abbott. “Thank you for helping defeat Robert Francis O’Rourke and for helping to elect strong, young conservative voices in this party. As long as I am Governor of this great state, I will continue fighting to ensure that Texas is the model of freedom and opportunity for other states to follow. But America needs your help. We need you to stay involved in the Republican Party to fight on the local, state, and national level for Republican policies and Republican candidates. Let’s ensure that it is Republican values that chart the course of a brighter future for our children.”

Speaking to a packed crowd of over 650 supporters, Governor Abbott praised the booming Texas economy that ranks as the eighth-largest economy in the world thanks to our strong conservative policies. The Governor touted his recent signing of the largest property tax cut in Texas history—providing $18 billion to hardworking Texans and the many businesses large and small throughout Texas.

Governor Abbott also highlighted Texas’ historic Operation Lone Star border mission, emphasizing the $9.8 billion Texas has allocated to secure the border against President Joe Biden’s reckless open border policies. The Governor detailed the State of Texas’ unprecedented border security efforts that include the deployment of floating marine barriers in the Rio Grande River to deter and repel dangerous river crossings and law enforcement seizing enough deadly fentanyl to kill every American.

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