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AUSTIN — Governor Greg Abbott today urged Texans to support Trey Wharton in the runoff election for House District 12 at a Get Out the Vote event in Navasota.

“In Texas, we are going to have an extraordinary state budget surplus again, and I want you to send Trey to work with me to lower your property taxes even more,” said Governor Abbott. “One reason why I’m working with Trey is that we are working to make sure that you as parents are in charge of your child, not the government. We want your child to go to the school of your choice, the school that best suits their educational needs. That is why I need all of you to get out and vote for Trey Wharton as your next State Representative. We want Joe Biden fired, and Trey Wharton hired.”

Addressing a crowd of local supporters, Governor Abbott highlighted Trey Wharton as a true conservative fighter who will support the values of Texans in House District 12. The Governor also touted Trey Wharton as an advocate for pro-business policies and empowering every Texas parent with the right to choose the best education pathway for their children.

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement.