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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday urged Texans to support Helen Kerwin for House District 58 during a volunteer kickoff event in Burleson. After the kickoff, Governor Abbott went door knocking with volunteers in the neighborhood to encourage people to vote for Helen Kerwin as their next State Representative.

“As you’re knocking on doors tonight, remember this: what we are dealing with is your future, your kids, and your grandkids,” said Governor Abbott. “When people ask why to vote for Helen, tell them she is the person your community needs fighting for your values. She will empower parents, help me secure the border, and help us keep Texas the best state in the nation to live, work, and raise a family.”

At the kickoff event, Governor Abbott championed Helen Kerwin as the true conservative in the race for House District 58 and urged supporters and volunteers to do all they can to get their friends, families, and neighbors to the polls. The Governor also lauded her dedication to fight for every parent’s right to have a say in their child’s education and cut property taxes for all Texans. While door-knocking, the Governor spoke with Texans to ask for their support for Helen Kerwin, including a man who saved over $5,000 from last year’s property tax cut, a local teacher and his family, and a family who had just finalized the adoption of their baby – all who committed to vote for  Kerwin in the May runoff

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement.