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Governor Greg Abbott yesterday urged Texans to vote for Joanne Shofner for election to House District 11, Janis Holt for election to House District 18, and Alan Schoolcraft for election to House District 44 at Get Out the Vote events in Henderson, Liberty, and Schertz, respectively.

Beginning the day in Henderson, Governor Abbott championed Joanne Shofner as the true conservative that Texans in House District 11 need representing them in the Texas House of Representatives. The Governor highlighted her dedication to empowering parents and ensuring Texas schools properly educate young Texans.

“Joanne Shofner represents East Texas values and will fight for those values as your next State Representative,” said Governor Abbott. “If you vote for her, she will go to Austin and work to ensure that our children will be educated, not indoctrinated, and fight for every parent’s ability to choose the school that is best for their child. I need each of you to go to the polls and cast your vote for Joanne so we can ensure that Texas remains the most prosperous state in the nation for the next generation.”

The Governor then traveled to Liberty to boost support for Janis Holt. Governor Abbott praised Janis for her dedication to strengthening the Texas economy, safeguarding conservative values, and ensuring Texas continues to secure the border.

“The most conservative candidate in the race for House District 18 is Janis Holt,” said Governor Abbott. “If you send Janis to Austin, she will fight the radical leftist agenda that is being pushed into our schools and advocate for Texas values. Janis will also work with me to strengthen the Texas economy and ensure our state continues to secure the border in President Joe Biden’s absence. Each of you have the power to make a difference, so get out and vote for Janis Holt as your next State Representative.”

Governor Abbott ended the day in Schertz where he lauded Alan Schoolcraft for his commitment to empowering every parent with the right to choose the best education pathway for their child and encouraged Texans in House District 44 to vote for him as their next State Representative.

“In House District 44, each of you deserve to have someone that fights for conservative values representing you in Austin,” said Governor Abbott. “Last session, I put together an outstanding piece of legislation that would have empowered every parent in Texas with the ability to choose the best school for their child while improving our public schools. If you vote for Alan Schoolcraft, he will work with me to get that passed next session.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Joanne Shofner, Janis Holt, and Alan Schoolcraft.