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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today urged Texans to vote for Chris Spencer for House District 1 and John McQueeney for House District 97 at Get Out The Vote events in Texarkana and Fort Worth, respectively. The Governor also reminded Texans that early voting started on Monday and goes through Friday, May 24.

Starting the day in Texarkana, Governor Abbott addressed a crowd of supporters at a local restaurant to encourage them to vote for Chris Spencer as their next State Representative. The Governor also highlighted Chris Spencer’s dedication to lowering property taxes and empowering parents with the right to choose the best school for their child.

“This election is about you, your families, and your future, and you each deserve someone who will fight for your values in Austin,” said Governor Abbott. “That is exactly what Chris Spencer will do. I’ve been campaigning across the state and right here with Chris Spencer to help elect Republican candidates who will support school choice, secure the border, and cut your property taxes. Together, we will ensure that Texas remains the greatest state in the greatest nation in the history of the world.”

The Governor then traveled to Fort Worth, where he encouraged Texans to vote for John McQueeney, the true conservative in the race for House District 97.

“John McQueeney is the leader Texans in House District 97 deserve representing them in the Texas House,” said Governor Abbott. “John will work with me to further secure the southern border, lower your property taxes, and ensure parents have the right to choose the best education pathway for their child. This week, I need all of you to take your families, friends, and loved ones to the polls to vote for John McQueeney to ensure we can continue building a bigger, better Texas for all.”

Early voting started Monday and goes through Friday, May 24. Find your early voting location here.

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement for Chris Spencer and John McQueeney.