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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday rallied support for Representative Ben Bumgarner for re-election to House District 63 and Paul Dyson for House District 14 at campaign stops in Roanoke and College Station, respectively.

In Roanoke, Governor Abbott celebrated Representative Bumgarner’s achievements as a strong freshman member of the Texas House. The Governor touted Representative Bumgarner’s commitment to honor the values of House District 63, including his work to put tax dollars back into the pockets of hardworking Texans, fight President Biden’s border crisis, and keep biological men from competing in women’s sports.

“As a small business owner, Ben Bumgarner knew how important it was to work with me to deliver the largest property tax cut in Texas history to you last year,” said Governor Abbott. “We are on course to have another budget surplus, and I need Ben back in Austin so we can cut your property taxes even more. We have to beat apathy as much as we have to beat Ben’s opponent—and we will do that by everyone here energizing yourself, your family, and your friends to go vote for Ben.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to College Station where he highlighted Paul Dyson as the conservative voice Texans in House District 14 need as their State Representative. The Governor championed Dyson as a warrior for Texas families who will fight for every parent’s right to choose the school that’s best for their child and put money back into the pockets of hardworking Texans.

“In Texas, we will not use your taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate your kids, and I need Paul Dyson as a partner to fight back against wokeism in schools,” said Governor Abbott. “Working with Paul, we will also ensure that we protect parents’ God-given right to choose the education pathway that is best for their child. Please join me in supporting Paul Dyson to be your next State Representative in House District 14.”

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