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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday called on Texans to cast their vote for Hillary Hickland for House District 55, Joanne Shofner for House District 11, and Helen Kerwin for House District 58 at Get Out the Vote events in Bastrop, Nacagdoches, and Cleburne, respectively.

In Bastrop, Governor Abbott touted Hillary Hickland as the true conservative candidate in the race for House District 55, pointing to her record of support for Texas families who want to be put back in charge of their child’s education.

“Your current State Representative Hugh Shine was a Democrat—and when it was time to run for office, he knew that the only way he could get elected in this district would be to run under the label of Republican,” said Governor Abbott. “Hugh Shine has voted against your conservative values time and time again, including against empowering parents to choose the education that’s best for their child. Hillary Hickland will support the values of House District 55, and I am proud to be here today to urge you all here to vote for her.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Nacogdoches to highlight Joanne Shofner as the ideal candidate to represent deeply-rooted conservative values of House District 11.

“Texans in House District 11 deserve to have a State Representative who is working with their Governor, not against their Governor,” said Governor Abbott. “Joanne Shofner will work with me to fight for East Texas values and against the woke leftist agenda in Austin. Joanne comes from a family of entrepreneurs—we need someone like that fighting for you. Please join me in supporting Joanne by gathering your family and friends to vote for her to be your next State Representative.”

Governor Abbott finished the day in Cleburne to rally support behind Helen Kerwin for House District 58, noting that Helen will go to Austin and be the strong conservative voice her constituents need.

“DeWayne Burns does not vote like his constituents in House District 58,” said Governor Abbott. “This race is so important for y’all—and for Texas—because we need someone who will vote for conservative values in Austin. Helen Kerwin will do just that, and I am proud to be here today to urge you all to go vote for her this primary election.”

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