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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today urged Texans to vote for Mike Olcott for election to House District 60, Stormy Bradley for election to House District 72, and Caroline Fairly for election to House District 87 at Get Out the Vote events in Willow Park, San Angelo, and Amarillo, respectively.

Starting the day off in Willow Park, Governor Abbott highlighted Mike Olcott’s dedication to conservative values including ensuring parents are able to choose the best school for their children and that Texas classrooms focus on the fundamentals.

“If elected, Mike Olcott is going to step up and fight for conservative values every day in Austin,” said Governor Abbott. “Our children should not be exposed to radical ideologies in their classrooms. Indoctrination is not the Texas way, and we are not going to sacrifice our values and allow wokeism to rule our schools. I need each of you to go out and vote for Mike Olcott to ensure that Texas continues to shine as a conservative beacon for the entire nation.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to San Angelo and touted Stormy Bradley as the next conservative leader Texans in House District 72 need fighting for their values.

“Stormy Bradley is the leader each of you need representing you in the Texas House,” said Governor Abbott. “She is a border hawk, who wants to help us do everything we can to secure the border and push back against Joe Biden’s regime. Stormy also will work with me to empower every parent in Texas with the ability to choose the best school for their children. When each of you go out to vote, make sure you choose Stormy Bradley as your next State Representative.”

Governor Abbott completed the day in Amarillo where he joined Caroline Fairly to encourage Texans in House District 87 to get out and vote for her as their next State Representative.

“Caroline Fairly is the person every Texan in the Panhandle needs representing them to make sure their voices are heard in Austin,” said Governor Abbott. “She is a warrior who will fight back against wokeism that is sweeping across the country. Caroline will work with me to ensure that we ban radical ideologies from being taught in schools across our state and that every parent has their God-given right to choose what’s best for their child’s education. I need all of you to go out and vote for Caroline at the polls so we can ensure that the values of Texas are protected in the Texas House of Representatives.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Mike Olcott, Stormy Bradley, and Caroline Fairly.