GEORGETOWN – Today, Governor Greg Abbott unveiled his Compact with Seniors, a multi-point plan that will improve the daily lives of seniors throughout the state. He released the plan at a meeting of the Republican Club of Sun City in Georgetown and was joined by the more than 300 in attendance and Saul Anuzis, President of the 60 Plus Association.

Governor Abbott said, “Texas would not be the place of freedom, hope and opportunity that it is today without the seniors across our state. I am running for re-election as your Governor, because I believe Texas can and must do more to support and protect our seniors.”

The Governor highlighted his Compact with Seniors including cracking down on crime targeting our most venerated Texans. “The sad reality is, our nation has seen a rise in fraud and elder abuse cases. That is wrong and we won’t allow it in Texas. We as Texans have a duty to protect our seniors. Under my Compact with Seniors, Texas will increase penalties for crimes committed against seniors and we will give the Texas Attorney General authority to pursue and prosecute criminals who prey on senior citizens,” he said in his speech.

Governor Abbott also proposed his plan to reduce the burden of property taxes on Texas seniors saying, “After years of raising a family and working their way to a well-deserved retirement, our seniors shouldn’t be struggling under the weight of their property taxes. Under my plan, Texas would enroll all senior homeowners to automatically receive the $10,000 homestead exemption on their school property taxes.”

He continued, “Currently, Texas seniors have a freeze on their school district property taxes. It only makes sense that we should do the same thing for county property taxes. Under this Compact with Seniors, Texas would freeze county property taxes for seniors, capping the county tax at the current level for the rest of their lives. This will help ensure that no Texas senior is taxed out of their home.”

Governor Abbott’s Compact with Seniors would also provide relief on the cost of government permits and fees, and help seniors identify programs and services that can give them the support they need and deserve. The Governor also reminded seniors to vote for the senior citizen property tax relief on the May ballot which was passed by the Legislature after Governor Abbott put it on the Special Session agenda.

Also at the event was Saul Anuzis, President of the 60 Plus Association. Anuzis said, “You’re fortunate to have a champion for senior citizens as your governor. Greg Abbott has made a point to advocate for retired Texans. Last year he insisted the Texas Legislature pass a 13th check for retired teachers, and they did, providing retired educators the boost to their bottom line they needed. He also has consistently worked to lessen the strain of property taxes on seniors, and there’s more of that to come.”

Governor Abbott finished the event by signing the Compact with Seniors. Anuzis and a member of the Republican Club of Sun City co-signed the Compact as well.