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ATASCOCITA – Tonight, Governor Greg Abbott unveiled his Taxpayer Bill of Rights at an event held by the Kingwood TEA Party at Tin Roof BBQ in Atascocita, a suburb of Houston. Governor Abbott was joined by Genevieve Collins, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Texas and Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist was in attendance to witness Governor Abbott sign his Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

“The fact is, not enough Texans actually see the property tax relief we have delivered,” said Governor Abbott. He continued, “It’s time to change that. I’m running for Governor to pass a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights that will deliver substantial and lasting property tax cuts.”

Under Governor Abbott’s plan, taxpayers who pay their property taxes in full early would be entitled to a discount. Taxpayers would also be allowed to split their taxes into a regular payment plan without penalty. Also, any homeowner who purchases a home for less than the appraised value would receive an automatic reduction in appraised value down to the purchase price of the home.

Governor Abbott also wants to address local government debt. He said, “Under my Taxpayers Bill of Rights, all debt would require approval of a two-thirds supermajority of the local governing body. Also, too often local governments are putting these bond measures on ballots in May when voter turnout is low. Under my plan, if the debt requires voter approval, the approval would require a two-thirds supermajority of voters if it is not on the November ballot.” This change will ensure that taxpayers are more likely to have a say in their community’s debt levels.

Governor Abbott also highlighted the work he’s done to reduce property taxes while he’s been Governor. “Since you’ve elected me Governor, we have cut property taxes in every legislative session. We have twice increased the school homestead exemption. In 2019, we used more than $5 billion to cut your school property tax rates. In 2021, the state provided yet another cut to your school property tax rates,” Governor Abbott said.

Since Governor Abbott has taken office and emphasized property tax relief as one of his key legislative items, the Texas Legislature has cut property taxes by more than $18 billion.

Genevieve Collins of Americans for Prosperity – Texas, noted, “Greg Abbott has made the Texas economy the envy of the nation. Because of this, people across the country have been coming here in droves from places like California, Illinois and New York. He wants to ensure that all Texans earn a break on property taxes, reduce the burden of government on your daily lives, and make sure that all families in Texas feel secure for the future.”

During his remarks, President of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist said, “While politicians in Washington abdicate even their most basic of responsibilities, Greg Abbott has soldiered on, doing the jobs that Washington won’t, and America is taking notice. Last year he promised to pass a balanced budget, and he did, without raising a penny of taxes, something Washington could only dream of doing. I’m honored to support Governor Abbott and proud that he is pledging to continue being a fighter for Texas taxpayers.

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