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MCALLEN – Tonight, Governor Greg Abbott won re-election to his third term as Texas Governor. He celebrated with a crowd of friends, family, staff and supporters at the Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center in McAllen.

Governor Abbott celebrated his victory in South Texas, a region where he has spent significant time during his tenure leading the Lone Star State. “We started this campaign in South Texas. We celebrated our primary victory in South Texas. Tonight, we return to South Texas to celebrate re-election for four more years of conservative governance.” Governor Abbott noted that his campaign “planted our flag in South Texas,” to show the entire country, “that South Texas is turning Republican.”

He reminded the boisterous crowd just why he wanted to continue fighting for Texans. He said, “I ran this campaign for the Texans who want safer streets. For the homeowners burdened with skyrocketing property taxes. For the oil field workers who begged me to protect their livelihoods. For parents who want to choose the school that’s best for their child. For the ranchers and residents who pleaded for a secure border.”

Governor Abbott also began rallying every Texan behind the important successes that have made Texas the prosperous state it is today. He highlighted the importance of keeping our economy number one for jobs, providing homeowners with the largest property tax cut in history, with protecting the millions of Texas who work in our critical energy industry, and ensuring that schools provide the education children need to be successful in the 21st century.

Governor Abbott also noted that Texas must, “fully fund our law enforcement agencies and show them the respect and support they deserve.” He said we must work to keep criminals off the streets and get deadly drugs like fentanyl out of our communities.

The Governor also mentioned one of his focal issues from the campaign – border security. “Texans have demanded a more secure border. The new Republican led Congress has promised to do its job to secure the border. We must hold them to that promise. They must reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy and rebuild the border wall. They must reimburse Texas for all the money we have spent doing the federal government’s job,” he said.

Governor Abbott ended by reminding Texans of the promise of prosperity and freedom that the Lone Star State offers. He said, “Tonight, Texans sent a message that they want to keep Texas the beacon of opportunity that we provided over the past eight years. A Texas where working families can flourish. A Texas where students are prepared and inspired for college or a career. A Texas that supports our law enforcement organizations and our military. A Texas where we protect our hallmark freedoms. A Texas where everyone has a path to prosperity.”

He closed by saying, “Together we will keep Texas the greatest state in the greatest country in the history of the world.”