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Greg Abbott has record of fighting against President Obama’s overreaching Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he will continue protecting Texans from job-killing energy regulations as governor.

Today, the EPA unveiled punishing new regulations on the energy industry that put Texas jobs in jeopardy. In a typical move, the Obama Administration is again bypassing the checks and balances of the legislative process to impose a regulatory agenda by fiat – one that threatens to shut down energy production around the country and put millions of hard-working Americans out of work.

Greg Abbott, on the other hand, will continue to fight for Texas’ jobs and energy industry:

I have consistently fought against overreaching federal government policies – including President Obama’s job-killing EPA regulations – all the way to the Supreme Court. Previous EPA regulations have threatened to eliminate Texas jobs and stifle energy production, an industry at the very core of our state’s economy. Yet the Obama administration is doubling down on their job-killing agenda with this latest proposal. I will continue fighting to protect jobs for those in the energy industry and the thousands of women and men who work in service and hospitality jobs that support energy workers, and I call on all those who profess to have Texas’ best interests at heart to join me in this fight.

As governor, Greg Abbott has a plan to keep our water pure and our air clean—while also protecting Texas jobs and energy production from the Obama administration’s Big Government agenda.

Read Greg Abbott’s “We the People” plan here.