Greg Abbott Fights for Texans

Dr. Sheets’ Story

As a native Texan and physician in Muleshoe, I have seen firsthand how badly we need quality physicians in rural regions. And as an emergency physician, I’ve seen ObamaCare directly impact my patients, our community and the health care system as a whole.

With all of the talk and broken promises coming from President Obama and his Washington bureaucrats, doctors like me feel like we’ve lost our voice.

But from day one, Greg Abbott has been on our side, fighting for Texans whose health care costs have skyrocketed, whose companies have been driven out of business and whose families have lost their health insurance or their doctors because of ObamaCare

Since I started my residency, I’ve been passionate about doing my part in the medical community to expand access to quality care for those in need—here in the U.S. and abroad. That’s why I formed Physicians Aiding Physicians Abroad after my medical rotation in Zimbabwe, Africa, to encourage doctors to provide medical care to third world countries. And it’s why I’ve dedicated my practice to providing care to patients in rural and often underserved parts of our state.

The most upsetting aspect of ObamaCare, to me, is seeing how it hurts the Texans I provide care for.

I talk to patients every day who are concerned and confused about the uncertainty the new law has imposed. They don’t know what their health insurance will cost in the coming years or if they will be able to afford it. They don’t know what services will be covered or if they will be able to see the doctors they want to see.

Greg Abbott has fought against ObamaCare for all of us. He understands the financial burdens, increased health care costs and unnecessary uncertainties ObamaCare has imposed upon both doctors and patients. He cut through all of the rhetorical and procedural clutter from Washington bureaucrats and defended Texans like me who feel like we’ve lost our voice.

Greg Abbott is a true leader, and I know, that as governor, he will continue fighting for us.

Kyle Sheets, M.D.

Bill’s Story

ObamaCare is more than just bad policy.

It’s an oppressive, job-killing law – the byproduct of a federal government that’s grown too big.

Unfortunately, my family and I experienced this first-hand when we had to sell our business because the cost of ObamaCare was just too high.

My wife, Kathy, and I aren’t originally from Texas – but when we decided it was time for a change, we left New York for Houston to start our new car wash business more than 20 years ago.

This wasn’t our first time building and developing a company. Like many businessmen and women, we went through the trials and errors. We learned from our mistakes – what worked, and what didn’t.

And it all lead to the company we created and ran for more than two decades – a full-service, luxury hand wash and detailing business. We built it from the ground up, and we are so proud of what we accomplished.

And in 2012-13, after all the hard work and time we invested, we were beginning to see the fruits of our labor – the company really started taking off. We had nearly 300 employees in 13 locations and our revenue was higher than ever. This was our American Dream.

But as our company grew, the costs of ObamaCare grew with it.

As the new rules, regulations and costs of the new health care law started taking effect, Kathy and I crunched the numbers. We were stunned to find that about 50 percent of our net earnings were going towards ObamaCare.

We just couldn’t afford it. The only thing that made financial sense to us was to sell the company. So in June of last year, we said goodbye to Bubbles Hand Wash.

I know I am not alone. What ObamaCare did to my business, it has done to countless businesses around the country. Thankfully, we have a fighter on our side.

That’s why I am grateful for Greg Abbott’s efforts to end and repeal ObamaCare – so that entrepreneurs, small business owners and job creators won’t be forced to shut their doors and give up on their dreams due to an overreaching federal government.

Greg Abbott has always fought for Texans – and there’s nobody better to continue this fight as governor.


Bill Lawrence

Melinda’s Story

I am the proud mother of five children. We have been through a lot together—including surviving a marriage to an abusive husband who threatened my children’s safety.

Today, we are stronger than ever. But it was a long road getting here. First and foremost, it took countless prayers and support from close friends and family.

But I also have Attorney General Greg Abbott to thank for his vigilance in protecting children from danger and fighting for their welfare.

Let me share my story with you:

My ex-husband had some problems with the law before we met. I thought that he had changed for the better—that he had turned over a new leaf.

Unfortunately, I learned that I was sadly mistaken when I was pregnant with our daughter, Kylie. One night, he was upset and lashed out at me, cutting my face. When our family dog approached me, distressed, my ex-husband kicked him in anger.

The violence continued after Kylie was born, and I finally put a stop to it once and for all when I first saw him direct his anger towards our daughter. One night, when she was two years old, she was throwing a tantrum in her bed—like most toddlers do from time to time. In a fit of rage, he went into her room and threw her pillow at her face, screaming at her at the top of his lungs. When I interfered and pushed him away, he grew angrier.

I knew that I had to get away from this man for my daughter’s sake. I also knew that he could never have unsupervised visits with Kylie, as his problem with anger was a danger to her.

When I left him, he repeatedly threatened me—threatened to kill me, threatened to commit suicide. I was frightened for our safety, and I prayed and prayed for God to protect Kylie. He answered my prayers.

When my ex-husband went to court in an attempt to get more access to Kylie, Greg Abbott’s office fought him, based on his previous threatening behavior toward our daughter. They argued that my ex-husband posed too great of a risk to Kylie to be around her unsupervised, and the judge agreed.

For this, I am forever grateful to Greg Abbott.

My ex-husband was granted supervised visits—which he has never initiated. Thankfully, I never have to worry about his child support payments because Greg Abbott’s office makes sure that they come through.

Kylie has no memory of her father, and today she calls my kind and supportive husband, Paul, “Dad.” I thank God every day for protecting Kylie, and for putting Paul in our lives.

I am grateful to Greg Abbott from the bottom of my heart. He may not know Kylie, but because of his steadfast commitment to fighting for children, she is protected from a dangerous man.

Melinda Wawak

Anne’s Story

Without Attorney General Greg Abbott’s efforts to make a broken system better, my family would still be struggling as I tried to navigate an overly complicated child support system. My story is like so many other single parents in Texas.

Soon after my son Clayton was born, my marriage came to an end. For years, I had to live with the daily red tape and bureaucracy of the county’s confusing child support process – alone. I just wanted to focus on being “Mom,” but I had to waste so much energy chasing payments, hiring attorneys, jumping through administrative hoops and worrying if I was taking the right steps to protect my son’s future. The amount of time I had to spend simply following up on a payment or nonpayment made me question if it was even worth it.

And worse – when my ex-husband changed jobs, the child support payments stopped altogether. That just added to the worry. I cannot tell you the number of hours I spent on the phone with the county, or the pages and pages of paperwork I had to fill out again and again just to receive the support my son was entitled to.

One day, someone suggested that I contact Greg Abbott’s office. That is when everything changed for us.

It took just one call. His office quickly set up automatic payments. They made the process simple. They gave me the help we needed. I never had to follow up or make weekly calls. Honestly, even Clayton’s father was relieved with the automated payment process. It was truly a weight lifted off both of our shoulders.

Today, 15 years later, the stress that once clouded our lives is a faint memory, and I owe it all to Greg Abbott’s efforts to improve a broken system.

I no longer have to worry about this once-frustrating process.

Now, I can focus on what’s important – supporting my family, being a mom and making sure I do everything I can for Clayton’s future.

Greg Abbott made this all possible.


Anne Osborne

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