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State unemployment figures released today show that states led by Republican governors continue to prosper and create jobs, while states led by Democrat governors see rising unemployment numbers. Greg Abbott will make job creation a priority as Governor of Texas.

[Texas] added 33,900 jobs in January, followed by Ohio (+16,700) and Arizona (+8,900). … California lost the most jobs (-31,500), followed by Illinois (-27,600) and Kentucky (-18,500). By percent, Kentucky saw the largest employment decline (-1.0 percent).
The Dallas Morning News

Conservative economic principles of low taxes and less regulation continue to make Texas the nation’s leader for job growth.

Job creation is the lifeblood of our state, pumping income into the pockets of families and providing opportunity, dignity, and purpose to workers.
Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott’s “Working Texans” plan will create an environment where entrepreneurs and workers have the freedom to aspire, to innovate, to grow, and to prosper.