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Justice Guzman, Rep. Lujan, Republican Leaders Show Governor Abbott Willing To Fight For Every Vote

DALLAS – Today, at Beto O’Rourke’s Reinvention Convention in Dallas, Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, State Representative John Lujan, and other Republican leaders discussed the future of the Texas Republican Party. They highlighted issues important to Texans that Governor Abbott continues to fight for while Democrats ignore them.

Manny Ramirez, Adam Hinojosa, Oscar Rosa, Marc LaHood, Janie Lopez, Andy Nguyen, and Will Douglas were among the other Republican leaders joining Justice Guzman and Representative Lujan at the press conference.

During the press conference, Republican leaders emphasized the growing, diverse coalition that makes up the Texas Republican Party and how Governor Abbott continues to fight for all Texans across the Lone Star State. They also discussed issues important to Texans ignored by Democrats, including inflation, border security, public safety, and parental rights in education. Additionally, leaders reaffirmed Governor Abbott’s goal to win the Hispanic vote this election.

“I’m honored to present to you the future of Texas,” said Justice Guzman. “Together, we’re going to change our communities, one household at a time, and we’re going to elect the greatest Governor in the country, Governor Greg Abbott.”

“I’m here to talk about the pillars of why we’re all running and why we’re up here,” said Representative Lujan. “It’s faith, family, and it’s our country. We’re not here promoting an agenda and a doctrine; we’re here to guard and safeguard the values that we have: faith, family, and country.”

“I am a Republican for faith, family, and freedom,” said Tarrant County Commissioner Candidate Manny Ramirez. “I am glad to stand with Governor Abbott to stop cities from defunding the police, fix the broken bail system, and stop the influx of illegal immigration.”

“Texas families want to prosper and Governor Abbott will help us do that,” said Texas House District 37 Candidate Janie Lopez. “South Texas communities will vote for Governor Abbott. We’re flipping the Rio Grande Valley red for generations.”

“My great great grandmother was born a slave in Tennessee, my great grandmother was born in East Texas in 1893 during Reconstruction, and my grandfather was born in North Texas during 1911 Jim Crow,” said Texas House District 113 Candidate Will Douglas. “My ancestors were oppressed. I am not oppressed. I am living my ancestors’ wildest dreams.”