HOUSTON – Today, law enforcement groups from across the Lone Star State announced their endorsement of Governor Greg Abbott at a press conference in Houston. Governor Abbott expressed how honored he was to receive the endorsement of the brave Texans who put their life on the line to defend their fellow Texans.

“The leaders who join me here today and their fellow officers across our state represent the very finest Texas has to offer. It’s important we understand that our law enforcement officers deserve more than just our gratitude. They deserve our support. That’s exactly what I’ve given them as Governor and will continue to do if re-elected,” Governor Abbott said.

Speaking at the event were representatives from several law enforcement organizations across the Lone Star State.

Mitch Landry, the Deputy Executive Director of Texas Municipal Police Association, said, “Across the country, politicians turned their back on law enforcement. In Texas, Greg Abbott led efforts to defend them. From increasing penalties on physical attacks to officers, to ensuring that qualified immunity remained intact, Governor Abbott continuously shows that he backs the blue!”

President of Houston Police Officers’ Union, Douglas Griffith said, “Despite calls by some politicians to reduce funding for law enforcement, Governor Greg Abbott continues to back the blue across the Lone Star State. He has battled the scourge of human trafficking streaming across our Southern border, signed laws to punish communities that defund police departments, and given law enforcement the tools and resources to arrest and prosecute smugglers. Governor Abbott has fought hard for our officers, so we’ll do the same for him. The Houston Police Officers’ Union is proud to endorse Governor Greg Abbott for re-election.”

Domingo Garcia of the Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers noted, “Governor Abbott has been a tireless advocate for the law enforcement community. We are proud of the work he has done to help us curtail crime on the streets of Houston. Fighting to seize drugs at the border lessens the amount that reach the neighborhoods we patrol each and every day. The Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers is honored to support Governor Greg Abbott.”

Department of Public Safety Officers Association President Lt. Richard Jankovsky said, “Texas DPS personnel have faced unprecedented challenges this year, but throughout it all have had the unwavering support of Governor Greg Abbott. He has directed troopers to take action along our southern border, fight back against human trafficking, and curtail the smuggling of deadly drugs like fentanyl. We are proud to endorse Governor Greg Abbott for re-election.”

Below is a list of all the law enforcement groups that have endorsed Governor Greg Abbott for re-election.


Texas Municipal Police Association Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
Fraternal Order of Police National Border Patrol Council
Game Warden Police Association Texas Probation Association
Austin Police Association Professional Bondsman of Texas
Houston Police Officers Union Dallas Police Association
San Antonio Police Officers Association Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County
Houston Police Retired Officers Association Harris County Deputies Organization
Houston Organization of Spanish
Speaking Officers
Fort Worth Police Association
Department of Public Safety Officers Association