We asked Texans to share their ObamaCare horror stories with us. Here are just 20 examples of the ways Texans have been shortchanged by ObamaCare:

I was on CBA until I was forced into one of the worst HMOs in the USA…Now I cannot see some of the doctors that were treating me. – Eva

My daughter…tried to sign up through ObamaCare, but they told her she needed to call Medicaid. They told her to call ObamaCare – she did, and got the same story. So she has no insurance and has to pay a fine because she could not sign up before the deadline… – Sally

Our premiums have gone from $250 each to $6000 each…THAT means the insurance does us NO GOOD unless something CATASTROPHIC happens! We are not rich people…we are retired…and with these expenses, the money we have saved for retirement will not be enough to get us through!… – Barbara

My mom…tried to get insurance on her own and it will cost her $1000 per month via healthcare.gov. She decided not to take it. Her previous policy cost her less than $300 per month. – David

…I was told that with a $6300 deductible, insurance would only cost $675 per month. I only get $1100 pension per month. How is THAT supposed to work??? – Leslie

…The individual mandate penalty is wrong! My hours at work got cut back from 37 to 29 per week because of the ACA. It is not right and this law does not belong in our country and needs to be repealed quickly! – Jonathan

My insurance premium jumped almost 50% at the first of this year. – Floyd

…We barely made the premiums last year. Now this year, the premiums tripled, so we changed to a plan that was double the amount but with less coverage. I don’t think we’ll be able to pay them for this whole year… – Theresa

Our small business does not have a group policy, but we have always paid individual policies for employees, giving them a pre-tax advantage. This year the ACA changed that, which increased the cost to our employees. – Yvette

…cost went up by $93 a week and deductible increased by $700, so everything doubled for my family plan I have had for 10 years… – David

I had to pay a tax penalty. The insurance I had in 2014 didn’t meet ObamaCare standard…Higher premium and deductible with less coverage… – Karen

Family members affected: 84 year old mother’s prescription costs doubled and she can’t get some services or equipment she needs… – Sheila

…My son’s cancer hasn’t been looked at in almost a year because of all this. His new insurance takes effect April 1. And we are hoping to be able to find a way to afford it. – Courtney

I can’t afford it. They want half of my Social Security check. – Deborah

…My coverage was cheaper and better before ObamaCare. Now I can’t afford to go to the doctor… – Catherine

My insurance has increased approximately 20%. I don’t know how long I can afford it. – Sandra

Going into my usual feed store and finding that my favorite worker would have to find another job because he’d been placed on part time work because of ObamaCare. – Sandra

…We were NOT able to keep our old plan like Obama promised. – Elizabeth

We had great coverage with small premiums and low deductibles. Now we have $2500 deductibles per person and our insurance is $509 per month for three of us… – Carolyn

Our daughter’s family insurance was cancelled because it didn’t meet ObamaCare standards. She went to the ObamaCare website and got the exact same insurance with the same company she had. The problem is it’s now $300 more per month! – Henry

We must continue the fight against the Affordable Care Act. Join the fight against ObamaCare!