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Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement following the Texas House of Representatives passing HB 1/HJR 1 for substantial property tax cuts as part of the special session #1 agenda.

“The Texas House is the only chamber that passed a property tax cut bill that is germane to the special session that I called to provide Texans with property tax relief,” said Governor Abbott. “It provides more cuts to property tax rates than any other proposal at this time. It is supported by the most respected tax think tank in the state, as well as more than 30 homeowner, consumer, and business groups across the state. I look forward to signing it when it reaches my desk.”

“We appreciate the swift action by the House to pass a bill that provides meaningful, permanent property tax cuts showing up in Texas mailboxes this year,” said Texas Taxpayers and Research Association (TTARA) President Dale Craymer.

TTARA is widely recognized as the state’s leading advocate for responsible fiscal and tax policy.

Yesterday, Governor Abbott announced the special session #1 agenda, including directing property tax reduction dollars to cut school property tax rates as the best method to eliminate property taxes.

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