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Abbott Securing the Future of Texas

For Immediate Release

AUSTIN – Today, Texans For Greg Abbott released its next television ad of the general election cycle entitled, “Determination.” The ad features Governor Abbott’s story of overcoming adversity to lead Texas to the successful state it is today. The ad will run statewide.

Click HERE to watch the latest TV ad.

Transcript For “Determination”:

VO: “Thirty-eight years ago his back was broken, but his spirit was not. Greg Abbott never gave up. It’s the same determination that drives Greg Abbott to keep Texas strong. Expanding opportunities so the Texas economy remains number one in America for job creation.”

CHYRON: #1 For Jobs

VO: “Ensuring our police are fully funded to protect our safety.”

CHYRON: Fully Fund Police

VO: “And securing the border to prevent deadly drugs and gangs from entering our country.”

CHYRON: Stop Drugs And Gangs

VO: “Greg Abbott: securing the future of Texas.”