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Texans For Greg Abbott Presents: “Tío Greg”

AUSTIN – Today, Texans For Greg Abbott released its next television ad of the general election cycle entitled, “Tío Greg.” The ad features Governor Greg Abbott’s niece Clarissa discussing why she trusts Greg Abbott with the future of Texas. The ad will run statewide.

Click HERE to watch the latest TV ad.

Transcript For “Tío Greg”:

CLARISSA, SAN ANTONIO: “As a single mom with young kids, I think a lot about their future. And when they grow up, I want them to be able to stay here, in Texas. That’s why I trust Governor Abbott to protect their future. Greg Abbott is a family man who is honest with a caring heart. He’s overcome adversity and never, ever given up. And he wants every child to reach their God-given potential right here in Texas. How do I know so much about Governor Abbott? He’s my uncle. I call him Tio Greg.”