AUSTIN – As the 2018 Texas Democratic Convention prepares to kick off in Fort Worth, Texans For Greg Abbott today unveiled a series of billboards along the route to the convention highlighting Governor Abbott’s record over the past four years. From education to the economy, there is no better time to be a Texan and the billboards showcase this story.

“As Texas democrats gather in Fort Worth this week to discuss their plans to raise taxes and kill jobs, Texans For Greg Abbott is highlighting the progress Texas has made under Governor Abbott,” said Alex Treviño, campaign spokesman. “These billboards along the route to Fort Worth will serve as a positive reminder of the proactive leadership of the Governor, and inspire Texans traveling along this route that anything is possible in Texas.”

Ad Facts and designs for Texans For Greg Abbott Billboards:

– Texas has the third most women-owned businesses in the nation.





[Source: Texas Comptroller]

– Texas has the second highest African-American graduation rate in the nation.





[Source: National Center For Education Statistics]

– “Texas set a record low for unemployment in 2017 with 3.9 percent.”

[Source: Bureau Of Labor Statistics]

– More than 306,000 jobs were created statewide in 2017. 

[Source: Texas Workforce Commission]

– Texas is #1 in jobs created by Hispanic business owners. 

[Source: SBO Census Data, accessed on 6/18/18]

– “Texas has the most schools in the Top 100.” – U.S. News

[Source: U.S. News & World Report]