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GREG ABBOTT: A guy in a wheelchair can move faster than traffic on some roads in Texas.

I’m Greg Abbott, and my plan adds billions for new road construction without raising taxes, fees or tolls.

We pay for it by ensuring that money dedicated to roads will be spent only on roads – and no more taking highway funds by the legislature to pay for their pet projects.

Elect me and I’ll get Texas moving.

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GREG ABBOTT: Traffic here in Texas is worse than ever.

Let me tell you – it is unbelievable when a guy in a wheelchair like me can move faster than cars and trucks on some of our roads.

I’m Greg Abbott.

It’s time that we put an end to that.

I have a plan that adds billions for roads without raising new taxes, fees or tolls.

We do it by ensuring that funds dedicated to roads are spent only on roads.

Right now, Texas politicians take millions of your tax dollars intended for roads and spend it on their pet projects that grow government – my plan puts a stop to that practice.

We can build the roads we need to grow our economy, not by raising taxes but by ending the budget gimmicks in Austin.

So join me, Greg Abbott, and together we’ll get Texas moving.

ANNOUNCER: Political ad paid for by Texans for Greg Abbott.