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AUSTIN – A coalition of bipartisan Texas sheriffs expressed their support for Governor Abbott’s border security efforts amid President Biden’s ongoing border crisis during a press conference following a roundtable discussion in Corpus Christi.

Joined by Nueces County Sheriff J.C. Cooper, Zapata County Sheriff Ray Del Bosque, Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd, and other state and local law enforcement officials, the Governor outlined the challenges that sheriffs and law enforcement officials across the state are facing in the wake of President Biden’s failure to secure the border and thanked them for their unwavering devotion to keeping Texans safe. Governor Abbott also reminded sheriffs that, as Governor, he will continue to support and defend members of law enforcement.

“Sheriffs and law enforcement officers across our state have stepped up to secure the border and protect Texans from the harrowing effects of President Biden’s open border policies, and I am honored to have the support of this bipartisan group of unsung heroes,” said Governor Abbott. “Our sheriffs and law enforcement officials continue putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our communities safe and they deserve nothing but our unwavering support. Working together, we will continue supporting Texas sheriffs as they mitigate the crisis at our southern border and secure the future of Texas.”

“The border was a different place two and a half years ago and so was our county,” said Sheriff Hooper. “I greatly appreciate everything Governor Abbott has done to collaborate with law enforcement to secure the border.”

“Governor Abbott has helped us by providing the resources we need to keep our communities safe,” said Sheriff Del Bosque. “Our smaller communities have been unseen and unheard for many years, but Governor Abbott has never hesitated to provide us help or take a phone call. Governor Abbott is here to help all Texas sheriffs and keep Texas safe. Securing the border is not a red issue, it is not a blue issue: it’s a red, white, and blue issue. We will only come together to secure the border with a leader like Greg Abbott.”

“We did everything we could to keep up with the demands of Biden’s open border policies,” said Sheriff Boyd. “Governor Abbott has provided the resources we need to do the job the federal government refuses to do: securing the border. We are working together thanks to Governor Abbott’s leadership and the funding he has provided us. Operation Lone Star and Governor Abbott’s leadership threw us a lifeline when we were drowning in President Biden’s border crisis flooding our county.”