MCALLEN – Today, Governor Greg Abbott kicked off his 2022 re-election campaign in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. Taking place at the conclusion of his Hispanic Leadership Summit, Governor Abbott’s speech highlighted the many victories he has secured for Texas during his tenure as the state’s chief executive.

“Together, we have put Texas on a remarkable path towards a brighter future. A Texas where working families can do more than just get by. They can flourish under the opportunities provided by the ninth largest economy in the world,” Governor Abbott said. In 2021, Texas welcomed the headquarters of 73 new businesses, an all-time record, bringing with them thousands of high paying jobs.

Governor Abbott acknowledged the challenges of the last two years, but noted that Texas has not only survived, but excelled. He said, “Despite the unprecedented challenges that we’ve faced, Texas has persevered. Now more businesses are moving here, and more Texans are working here than ever before.”

The Governor also highlighted his work along the Southern border. “I deployed thousands of National Guard troops and Texas DPS officers to secure our border, crack down on the smuggling of deadly Fentanyl and to arrest and jail criminals. Now, Texas is even building its own border wall,” he said in his speech.

Governor Abbott also emphasized some of the accomplishments under his tenure as Governor, including passing COVID liability protections for businesses, expanding broadband access to rural Texas, balancing the state’s budget without any new taxes, and increasing education funding, including raising teacher pay by more than $1.1 billion.

The theme of the Governor’s speech was “securing the future of Texas,” including the future of its economy, educational system, and its citizens.

Governor Abbott told the crowd of hundreds at the McAllen Convention Center that he was running for re-election to pass a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to protect Texans from skyrocketing property taxes, a Compact with Seniors to ensure senior citizens don’t struggle to make ends meet, and a Parents’ Bill of Rights to give decision power over their child’s education back to parents.

Governor Abbott took the opportunity to point out the differences between his vision of Texas and that of his opponent. “Texans face a profound question this election. Do we make a left turn that leads to more government and less freedom? A path that will destroy jobs, open our borders and endanger our communities? Or do we maintain the course that has secured greater freedom, more jobs and safer communities?”

Governor Abbott is the first ever Republican state-wide elected official to kick-off his campaign in the Rio Grande Valley, a rapidly changing community, that grows more conservative each election cycle. Beginning with this announcement speech, Governor Abbott will start a “Celebration of Texas Tour,” stopping at communities throughout the Lone Star State between now and the primary election in March.

For a full copy of Governor Abbott’s remarks, click here.