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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today called on Texans to unite behind Jeff Bauknight for House District 30 at a campaign event in Victoria.

“I need all of you to send Jeff Bauknight to Austin, so we can power our state’s mighty economy and to join me in fighting the disaster that is Bidenomics,” said Governor Abbott. “You need a State Representative who has your back, and that will be Jeff Bauknight. Jeff has the record and is one of the few Mayors across Texas who has not increased property taxes. Jeff will join me to help educate our children—not indoctrinate our children—in our schools. Jeff and I will go to work together in Austin to protect your freedoms and the opportunities only found in our great state.”

At the event, Governor Abbott celebrated Jeff’s strong conservative record as Mayor for the City of Victoria, highlighting policies he advanced to cut local property taxes and strengthen local law enforcement to keep his fellow Texans safe.

Read the Governor’s endorsement statement.