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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today delivered remarks at the Midland Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s (RNHA) Reagan Lunch in Midland. The Governor touted the conservative achievements of the 87th Legislative Session and thanked the members of the Midland Chapter of the RNHA for their tireless efforts to promote conservative values in West Texas and secure Republican victories across the state.

During his remarks, the Governor ceremonially signed House Bill 119 into law, also known as “Daniel’s Law,” which prohibits discrimination against a potential organ transplant recipient based on a person’s disabilities. The law is named after the late Daniel Kirwan, a West Texas man who suffered from kidney failure for much of his life, but was denied the chance at a kidney transplant because he also had Down Syndrome. Daniel passed away in 2015 as a result of kidney failure. The Governor was joined for the bill signing by Representative Brooks Landgraf, the author of the bill, and Daniel’s sister, Kathleen Kirwan-Haney.

“Winning Texas — and saving America — starts now in Midland-Odessa, because our efforts to keep Texas red would not be possible without the hardworking men and women of the Midland Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly,” said Governor Abbott. “I’m grateful for our ongoing partnership to elect Republicans up and down the ballot and fight for legislation that will make Texas healthier, safer, freer, and more prosperous. We’ve already seen what we can achieve through the passage of several important bills this past session, including Daniel’s Law. By working together, we will continue to secure victories for conservative legislative leaders who fight tirelessly for the issues that matter most.”