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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday urged Texans to rally behind Caroline Fairly for House District 87, Representative Stephanie Klick for House District 91, and Representative Matt Shaheen for House District 66 during campaign stops in Amarillo, North Richland Hills, and Frisco, respectively.Governor Abbott kicked off the day in Amarillo to spotlight Caroline Fairly as an upcoming conservative champion who Texans in House District 87 need to elect as their next State Representative. The Governor noted that Caroline will be a strong partner in the Texas Legislature to keep Texas the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

“Texans in Amarillo must know that I support Caroline Fairly for House District 87 because she stands with me—and most importantly with you—on issues that matter most,” said Governor Abbott. “You can be the biggest help to me and to the future of Texas by sending reinforcements to the Texas Capitol in the form of Caroline Fairly.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to North Richland Hills to stump for Representative Klick, where he highlighted the Representative’s record of conservative leadership in fighting the woke mob’s radical liberal agenda.

“Representative Stephanie Klick is a warrior for conservative values, causes, and principles,” said Governor Abbott. “Texas is a more conservative, successful state today because of Representative Stephanie Klick. Together, Stephanie and I will continue to fight against the woke mob and their radical culture wars.”

In the evening, Governor Abbott joined Representative Shaheen in Frisco to tout the important work the Representative has done to secure major victories for Texans across House District 66, including slashing property taxes, rolling back needless government regulations, and securing the border.

“Representative Matt Shaheen has helped me be a better, stronger, and more effective Commander-in-Chief for our great state,” said Governor Abbott. “Texans in House District 66 need to know about the important role Matt plays in the Texas Legislature—and know how important it is to me and to the future of our state that you help re-elect him.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Caroline Fairly, Representative Klick, and Representative Shaheen.