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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott yesterday urged Texans to support Dr. Greg Bonnen for re-election to House District 24 and Representative Stan Gerdes for re-election to House District 17 at campaign stops in League City and Bastrop, respectively.

In League City, Governor Abbott touted Dr. Bonnen’s unmatched leadership as Chair of the House Appropriations Committee. The Governor highlighted Dr. Bonnen’s importance to help maintain the storied economic miracle of Texas by funding important programs and projects across the state, including the Texas CHIPS Act to shield the state from outsourcing technology to hostile countries like China.

“Dr. Bonnen is more than a State Representative and Chair of House Appropriations—he’s a genuine friend of mine, a great Texan, and a great American,” said Governor Abbott. “There is probably no one in the Texas House who is more important to help ensure Texas remains the No. 1 economy in the country than Dr. Bonnen. I need Dr. Bonnen back in Austin to continue our fight against the disaster that is Bidenomics. Please join me in supporting him for re-election to House District 24.”

Governor Abbott then traveled to Bastrop where he championed Representative Gerdes’ record as a strong conservative voice for his constituents in House District 17, noting his commitment to fight the radical left’s woke agenda, protect Texans from President Biden’s border crisis, and empower parents to choose the school that’s best for their child.

“Representative Stan Gerdes was a big reason we were able to return the largest property tax cut in Texas history to you last year,” said Governor Abbott. “We may have another $20 billion budget surplus next year. Please join me in supporting Stan for re-election as your State Representative so that he can work with me to return another large property tax cut to you.”

Read the Governor’s endorsement statements for Dr. Greg Bonnen and Representative Stan Gerdes.