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State Senator And Former Senate Finance Chair Jane Nelson Highlights The Successes Under Gov. Abbott

DALLAS – Today Former Senate Finance Chair Jane Nelson highlights the bipartisan successes of Governor Abbott’s leadership in Texas.

“I have worked closely with Governor Abbott to make sure we address the priorities of Texas in our state budget. We have held true to the principles of responsible budgeting that continue to contribute to our incredible economic success,” said Senator Nelson.

She also talked about the efforts Governor Abbott has made for women’s health saying, “Women’s health funding is at an all time high in Texas. We have over $350 million devoted to key preventative health services for women, including family planning. And we are serving more women than ever before.”

Senator Nelson addressed mental health, foster care, education, health care, state pension systems and more.

This is the last of three press conferences that Texans for Greg Abbott held in Dallas this week to contrast Beto O’Rourke’s policies with those of Governor Abbott. Yesterday, Former Speaker of the Texas House discussed Beto O’Rourke’s inability to tell the truth to Texans about his extreme liberal views, leading him to flip-flop on a host of issues from immigration to energy jobs. On Thursday, a diverse group of Republican leaders including former Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, and State Representative John Lujan noted that Democrats are failing to deal with many of the issues that are most important to Texas voters.

The see a full video of Senator Nelson’s speech, click here.