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AUSTIN – Texans For Greg Abbott today launched a new ad entitled, “Escape California, Choose Texas.” While port delays in California are up to 100 days, Texas cargo ports are functioning 24/7 without a backlog. The ad notes that in less than two weeks, stalled cargo ships can escape California by sailing to Texas — a state that doesn’t see inflation and a supply chain backlog as a good thing — to unload their shipments and have products on the shelves in no time.


NARRATOR: Are your products stuck off Long Beach? Texas ports are wide open. Port delays are up to 100 days in California. In less than two weeks, your cargo can set sail from California and be at one of our 24/7 functioning Texas cargo ports unloaded and on their way to shelves anywhere. Choose a state that doesn’t see inflation and America’s supply chain backlog as a GOOD thing. Escape California. Everyone’s doing it. Choose Texas.