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Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott met with Bob Price of Texas GOP Vote to discuss his goal to make Texas first in the country in education.


“My wife has been both a teacher and a principal,” Abbott began to explain, “and we’ve seen the powerful effect that education can have in the life of a child. You can take a child who through education can go on and achieve things their parents couldn’t even dream of, and Texas has to do a better job of educating our next generation. My goal is simple. It’s audacious. It’s something I think people haven’t talked about before. My goal is to make the education system in the state of Texas the number one education system in the United States of America. We see all these rankings about college football teams. I want to see rankings about high school students in the state of Texas, and I want to see them ranked number 1 among high school students and junior high school students in the United States of America…

“In the coming years,” Abbott firmly stated, “Common Core is not going to become an issue because as governor, I am not going to allow Common Core in Texas. CSCOPE, I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE, and ensure that neither CSCOPE nor Common Core have any level of threat or viability in the state of Texas. I know that principals, teachers, parents, here in the state of Texas know far more how to educate our students than do these bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.”

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